iSwitch Free Aircon Service

Terms & Conditions


1.1 Service Scope:

●        Xool Regular Service for 2 Indoor Unit

Pre-Service Checks
    1. Check controller
    2. Check airflow
    3. Visual checks to ensure AC is working
FCU Service
    1. Wash cover, filters and drain pan with anti-bacterial solution
    2. Vacuum drainage pipe
    3. Brush and vacuum evaporator coil
    4. Vacuum and brush blower wheel
    5. Check electrical terminals and tighten connections if required

●        Xool Service for 1 Outdoor Compressor. This includes inspecting compressor function and checking gas pressure.


1.2 Payable Service Fee:

●        All additional services listed below will be chargeable and payable by cash on site. Promo price for 1st time customer by Xool is not applicable in conjunction with free iSwitch service.  All service pricing are reflected on Xool Website (

o   Gas top up $60-$150 (Depending on refrigerant type and volume required)

o   Additional FCU Regular Service and Premium Service for Indoor Units (

o   Chemical Wash for Indoor Units +$70 per unit

o   Chemical Overhaul for Indoor Units +$150 per unit or $120 per unit for 2 unit and above

o   Outdoor Unit Water Wash +$80

o   Outdoor Unit Chemical Wash +$150

o   Troubleshooting of indoor or outdoor unit $50

o   Ceiling cassette and ducted unit +30 per unit


1.3 Terms and Conditions:

1.       Xool Aircon Experts are contracted by iSwitch to provide free service for 2 indoor wallmounted unit and 1 outdoor unit. Other aircon type like ceiling cassette, ducted, return air grills, etc will not be serviced for free as they have a different price structure and not provided for free from iSwitch. Fee top up will be required based on service fee table.

2.       Xool Aircon Experts will render all free service in 1 visit. Subsequent visit will incur charges per normal paid customers.

3.       Due to unforeseen circumstances, customers who are not present upon our arrival, late or cancellation in under 36 hours will be rescheduled and be back at the queue. This could take weeks and will be based on First Come First Serve.

4.       Service will be rendered based on define set of servicing scope. Refer to service scope 1.1.

5.       Service will only be rendered after verifying the AC system is in working condition (Power on and cold).

6.       Should system be faulty upon arrival and verification, customer will be given the option to engage Xool Aircon Technicians to troubleshoot or repair. Charges to be agreed by customer before work commence. Standard troubleshooting fee of $50 applies if the system cannot be repaired but if repairable, customer to pay cost of repair and troubleshooting fee will be waived.

7.       Any troubleshooting resulting in faulty parts as root cause, the cost of part replacement will be provided by Xool Aircon Operations Specialist within 2 business days. In case of obsolete parts, we would recommend customer to replace the AC System.

8.       This free service is not transferable to another person or another address and will only apply to iSwitch customer.

9.       This free service is only applicable to the documented contract address where iSwitch electricity service is supplied and does not include any commercial property type.