Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my quarterly service appointment?

You would have received an email order receipt when you purchase yearly packages from us and you can click on "Schedule". Alternatively, you can use your email address or the code in the email to retrieve your remaining services on our schedule page.

How often should I service my aircon?

Singapore has a humidity range of 65%-96% which means it's the perfect condition for mold to prosper unfortunately. Our recommendation is to service our aircon 3x or 4x per year if you are an aircon user throughout the night and if you use your aircon during the day and night, the best practice is to service it once a month. Home renters in Singapore are typically required legally to service the aircon 4x per year so check your Tenancy Agreement.

Will my aircon be cooler after a regular service?

Generally no, your aircon temperature is based on a number of factors like refrigerant and coil efficiency. Servicing your aircon will generally not create a cooler temperature but it could increase efficiency of your aircon if the filter is extremely clogged. Think of aircon service like cleaning your car interior, it will not make it go faster or quieter but it will improve your air quality.

Can I get free gas top up if I service my aircon with you?

This is a common misconception as there are many other AC contractors offering free gas top up. AC refrigerant(gas) runs in a closed loop system and will generally not require a top up unless there's a leak. Micro leaks can be difficult to identify as it is labour intensive so adding refrigerant would be the most cost effective solution. Refrigerant is a consumable and we priced our aircon service reasonably low so refrigerant use if any, will be chargeable. We could have priced $40 per unit for regular service and offer free refrigerant top up if needed but it would not be fair to most customers as majority of customers do not need additional refrigerant.

Why can't I use promo code to save $20 on annual contract?

The promo code is meant for "One Time" service and it is an opportunity to experience premium aircon service without the premium price tag. Annual contract prices are already cheaper than "One Time" service after discount so you need not apply the promo code. For example, 4 FCU after promo code is $80 and our annual contract price is $300 for 4x services. That equates to $75 per service so you're saving even more than the $20 one-time promo. It is all about the savings! :) Schedule now!

What is Enzyme Cleaning and how does it differ from Chemical Cleaning?

There are 3 methods of deep and intensive cleaning and this article should help you decide what you need. Feel free to ring us up or drop us an email if you have questions or read more about how to breathe cleaner and fresher air here.

  1. Chemical Cleaning 60 mins - Suitable for moderately contaminated fan coils but slightly harmful to your fan coil in the long run

  2. Enzyme Cleaning 60 mins - Recommended as the safer and environmental friendlier technique for moderately contaminated fan coils

  3. Chemical Overhaul 90 mins - Recommended as the most comprehensive and effective cleaning technique

Can I purchase an annual contract and choose to pay by cash instead of credit card?

Yes, absolutely! You just need to schedule a "One Time" service on our booking page and choose "Pay Later" after you've entered all your details. Just let us know in the the text field provided that you would like to upgrade to annual contract and we'll provide you a receipt on the spot after service. Schedule now!

Do you carry out any repair work for faulty aircon?

Yes, you can make an appointment as "Aircon Repair" after you click on schedule. Most aircon faults can be resolved by replacing the faulty part but manufacturers may have stopped producing parts for older aircon units. We can always troubleshoot onsite at a small fee($40) and if it cannot be fixed, we can suggest an aircon system that can replace the faulty system. The fee will be absorbed by us if you engage us for the fix or system replacement.

Can I request for a quote if I have more than a few fancoil or have various service request not listed in your website?

Absolutely! Get in touch with us! We will be happy to speak with you or respond to your email, whichever more convenient to you.

Can I convert from one time service to annual contract after my appointment?

Absolutely! You can purchase an annual contract and drop us an email to get a refund for your one time service fee. You could also let our technicians know onsite and we can upgrade you. That will save you $100!

How do I get appointment reminders?

You will receive 1 email as appointment reminder exactly 2 weeks before your appointment and another email + SMS exactly 24 hours before your appointment.

How do I set appointment for my future annual contract services?

If you've booked online, you will receive a unique certificate code in your order confirmation email. Lookout for instructions on that email or call us if you can't find it. We will be happy to resend it to you. For customers who booked through phone, we will set all your appointments approximately 90 days apart and since we will send you a reminder 2 weeks before the appointment, you are welcomed to reschedule to another date and time that suits you best.

What are the terms and conditions of the annual maintenance services?

Our T&C are available here.

I've made a mistake. How do I request for a refund?

Email or call us and we will be happy to process a refund to your mode of payment.

How soon can I get a refund?

Refunds would typically take between 5-10 days

How do I change my service appointments?

We sent you an email with your appointment details on the day you booked. You can click on the “change appointment” button and you may choose a new date and time subject to availability.

Can I postpone my scheduled appointment to another day?

Yes, 36 hours before if you’d like to do it online. Call us if it is under 36 hours so we can avoid sending technician onsite to an empty house and to avoid unnecessary last-minute change cost. We can accomodate changes up to 2 times, but if you have special circumstances we are willing to be flexible.

What if I am not completely satisfied with the service rendered by your technicians?

We understand human may make mistakes and while we can’t change that, we can find ways to make it right for you. We highly encourage you to email or call us to let us know what happened and what can we do to make it right. We also send post service emails to all our customers so that we get feedback on our technician's work so that we can constantly improve.


Do you have other questions?

We will be happy to help! Contact us at or 68177862