Annual Maintenance

Terms & Conditions

  1. This agreement will cover all Annual Maintenance Service sold by Xool Aircon Experts unless otherwise stated.

  2. Purchasing an annual maintenance service from Xool Aircon Experts is an agreement to this Terms and Conditions.

  3. Xool Aircon Experts will provide maintenance service based on service scope listed in this Terms and Conditions.

  4. All parts replacement and additional service such as chemical overhaul or gas top up will be chargeable at rates quoted by onsite technician.

  5. Annual maintenance services purchased will be valid for 365 days and will not be carried forward to the following year.

  6. Change of address is permitted and maintenance purchased can be transferred to new address with the same number of FCU or Ceiling Cassette. If you purchased 4 wallmount service but moved into 4 ceiling cassette units, additional charges will apply due to pricing difference of different AC type. Customers who bought 4 FCU annual service but moved into 3 FCU apartment will not be refunded for 1 unused service.

  7. Annual maintenance service is not transferable to another person other than the original customer. Phone number, name and email address will need to match.

  8. Annual maintenance service payment must be made before 2nd service is carried out.

  9. Xool Aircon Service scope includes:

    Pre-Service Checks

    Check controller

    Check airflow

    Visual inspection to ensure AC is trouble-free before service

    FCU Service

    Wash cover, filters and drain pan with anti-bacterial solution

    Vacuum drainage pipe

    Brush and vacuum evaporator coil

    Vacuum and brush blower wheel

    Check electrical terminals and tighten connections if required

    Check gas pressure and ampere if aircon is not cold. Skip if unit cooling system is working well.

    Top up gas if pressure is under par (additional charges apply)

    Test run AC system to ensure all units are working after service.

    Condenser Service

    Visual check of condenser mountings and brackets - check if there are any obstruction or issues.