Aircon Services Price List

We have a full range of Aircon Services that will cater to your needs. We are transparent with our pricing so you will always know what our services cost and that we will never overcharge our customers by hiding the cost of services offerred. We value the trust our customers has put in us and have policies in place to live up to that. Our technicians are well-paid, loyal employees who are committed to doing the job right. In fact, they only earn bonuses for great customer reviews and great service, not fast jobs.  

We are confident that you will find great value in our service and that we offer very competitive pricing across the board. If you'd like a custom quotation for your commercial premises, drop us an email or call us for an immediate response. Click here to find out more about our standard Aircon Service scope. 


one Time Aircon Service

1 Unit - Promo $40 (Regular $60)

2 Units - Promo $60! (Regular $80)

3 Units - Promo $70! (Regular $90)

4 Units - Promo $80! (Regular $100)

5 Units - Promo $90! (Regular $110)

6 Units > $18 per unit

ANNUAL Service (4 Times)

1 Unit - $160 (save $80) 

2 Units - $220 (save $100)

3 Units - $260 (save $100)

4 Units - $300 (save $100)

5 Units - $340 (save $100)

6 Units > $16 per unit

*Promo price is applicable for first time customers only and for one time servicing.


Chemical cleaning

Chemical Clean (Wallmount AC) - $70 per unit

Enzyme Cleaning (Wallmount AC) - $90 per unit 

Chemical Overhaul (Wallmount AC) - $150 for 1 unit, $120 per unit for 2 units above

Chemical Overhaul (Cassette) - $380-450 per unit


There are many deep cleaning technique in the market and we've got just the right information you need to decide which cleaning method is most suitable for you. 

Head on to our article here

*Surcharge of $30 per aircon between 3m - 4m for additional services rendered 

Aircon Service Cassette Type.png

CEILING CASSETTE AIRCON (Commercial/Residential)

1 Unit - $50 

2 to 9 Units - $40

10 Units above - Call/Email for Quotation ($15-$40)


Additional services

Concealed Air Conditioner (Ducted/Ductless/Central AC) - Call/Email For Quotation

On-site Troubleshoot/Diagnosis - $40 (waived if services are taken up)

Gas Refill - From $60

Electrical Wiring Replacement - From $200 depending on length and time required

Outdoor Unit Cleaning - $60 using high pressure gas

Outdoor Unit Cleaning - $120 using water

Outdoor Unit Cleaning - $250 using chemical 

Replace PCB - Depending on brand/availability

Copper Tube Replacement - From $200 depending on length and time required