What Does a Xool Aircon Service Experience Include?

Last Updated: 05 December 2018

These are our regular scope of service when you take up a one-time aircon service or annual contract service with us. While this may be a similar process to other providers, we will perform the cleaning as detailed as possible, removing mould and grime in the process. Much care is taken when we service each aircon and we back our services with a no mess guarantee.


Xool Aircon Service Steps:

Pre-Service Checks
    1. Check controller
    2. Check airflow
    3. Visual checks to ensure AC is working

FCU Service
    1. Wash cover, filters and drain pan with anti-bacterial solution
    2. Vacuum drainage pipe
    3. Brush and vacuum evaporator coil
    4. Vacuum and brush blower wheel
    5. Check electrical terminals and tighten connections if required
Condenser Service
1. Check gas pressure if AC is not blowing cold air. If AC is cold, we do not recommend to check gas pressure because small amount of gas/refrigerant will be released as we open the valve. Checking gas pressure too many times will deplete gas level.


Final Report - Findings and recommendations


Expert Tips: As our home air-conditioners run in a closed looped refrigerant system, gas top up is not needed unless there is a leak in the system. If your air-conditioner is not cooling well, we will perform the pressure test and reccomend the best course of action.